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About Us

About Kemah
Palms Recovery®

Kemah Palms Recovery® offers the highest quality substance abuse and co-occurring disorders program available, utilizing the most comprehensive evidence-based treatment with personalized service to treat the mind, body, and spirit.  We combine the best of CBT, DBT, the 12 Steps, meditation, psychiatric care, and equine therapy to create a program that addresses the entirety of a client’s needs.

Our treatment program is based on a firm belief in the following principles. Substance abuse is connected to other behavioral problems, and dealing with the underlying issues behind all your struggles gives you the best opportunity for success throughout treatment and recovery. The decision to seek treatment, and to actively seek true recovery throughout treatment, is an essential choice that must be made daily. Each day is a promise to your future, not a consequence of your past. Joy is a value to be pursued relentlessly and unapologetically.

Our Treatment Programs

Kemah Palms
Recovery® Philosophy

Whether it’s alcohol and drug treatment or other behavioral health issues, our programs treat each person’s individual needs.

We understand that the path to freedom from substance abuse is unique for each individual, and involves changes in mental and emotional as well as physical habits. Whether you’re active in a recovery program, just starting to consider treatment.

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We want to assure you that your communication with us is always private and confidential. We will not share your information.