Do you fear benzo addiction for yourself or someone you love? You do not worry alone. About 61,000 people check in to a benzo addiction treatment program each year. Help exists, once you see your addiction clearly and get that help.

South Houston Benzodiazepine Addiction Treatment Center

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Benzos are benzodiazepines, medications used for anxiety relief. Xanax and Ativan are the most frequently prescribed of these medications. These are also the most sought-after benzos for recreational abuse.

But Xanax and Ativan are dangerous when taken for the long term. They were not designed for more than occasional, short-term relief of anxiety. You quickly build a tolerance to these drugs and need more than your earlier dose to feel the same effects. This dose increase leads you right to physical and mental addiction.

Signs and Symptoms of Benzo Addiction

Benzo addiction causes a wide range of symptoms. These signs and symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Tremors
  • Weakness and coordination problems
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety and sweating
  • Swelling in hands and feet

One of the most significant signs of benzo addiction is the withdrawal symptoms. If you experience flu-like symptoms when you quit using your benzos, this is withdrawal. You need help to overcome your addiction and cannot safely stop without treatment with a licensed and accredited drug detox program, like Kemah Palms Recovery® in Kemah, Texas.

Withdrawal symptoms usually occur about two days after your last dose of Xanax or Ativan. Besides these symptoms, you realize you also show other signs of addiction by your recent use of the drug.

Some of those signs include doctor shopping to gain illegal prescriptions, hostility, neglect of your responsibilities, focusing on pill seeking and using, and unsuccessfully quitting your benzos. You also kept using your drug despite knowing it's wrecking your life. You've chewed, crushed, snorted or injected your pills for faster and stronger effect.

Help for Benzo Addiction

For your addiction, you need help from a benzo addiction treatment program. Going cold turkey on your own sometimes causes death. So you must enter a licensed and accredited treatment program for your own safety.

A medically supervised benzo addiction treatment program follows carefully managed steps to your sobriety. Caring professionals reduce your benzo dosage slowly, also decreasing how often you take the drug. You may switch to an extended release version of your benzo, as part of this weaning.

Once you get past the dangers of withdrawal, you enter a licensed benzo addiction treatment program. Rehab usually lasts from 30 to 90 days and teaches you how to avoid a relapse back into substance abuse. You also gain an understanding of why you started abusing drugs, in the first place.

Benzo Addiction Treatment & Recovery

At Kemah Palms Recovery® in Kemah, Texas, your benzo addiction treatment program includes detox. After detox, you start your rehab program, also at Kemah Palms. Through a wide range of addiction therapy services, support, and education, you learn how to stay strong in recovery and avoid returning to active addiction.

Therapies and methods of your painkiller addiction or benzo addiction treatment program at Kemah Palms include:

  • Supervised medical detox program
  • A residential addiction treatment program
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • A holistic approach including nutrition, fitness, meditation, and yoga
  • Chronic pain recovery program

At Kemah Palms Recovery® you also gain access to other vital programs, such as an aftercare program, so you do not feel overwhelmed when returning to your home community.

Kemah Palms Recovery® provides all of the help you need for benzo addiction recovery. You only need to make the first call to Kemah Palms Recovery® in South Houston, to learn more about available programs and start on the path to a better life right away. Call Kemah Palms now at (571) 630-3366.