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Houston Drug Rehab Center for Women

For decades, the number of women addicts had been significantly lower than the numbers experts reported for men.

Unfortunately, the numbers for women have been on the rise. It’s not difficult to understand the reasons for this change. Our society now expects more from women as child-bearers, employees, bread-winners and single parents. That translates to more responsibility and more stress.

The truth is women have different wiring from men. That’s not a slam but instead, a fact. Many women tend to react to stress with emotion while many men tend to internalize their issues. To squelch the eruption of emotions over personal problems, women sometimes turn to drugs and/or alcohol. Given their physical makeup, women are far more susceptible to addiction, especially at lower doses of drugs or alcohol.

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The Benefits of a Women’s Drug Rehab Program

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The value of a women’s drug rehab center is undeniable.

  • Group Identification–Women tend to flourish in a group therapy setting if they are comfortable with the environment. In a women’s drug rehab center, women go in knowing they have something in common with other patients. That creates a level of group identification.
  • Sharing Without Judgement–Through a common understanding, women are less likely to judge one another than a man would be with a woman with an addiction. Again, it’s that assumption of the woman being overly emotional and morally-bankrupt that creates an uneasiness that’s some women find unbearable. With everything on equal footing, women are more likely to share among themselves.
  • Removing Sexual Tension and Overtures–Generally, women are more serious about recovery. The last thing a woman wants to deal with is unwanted sexual overtures while they are working towards recovery. A women’s drug rehab center mitigates the possibility of sexual tension and interference.

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