Find the Best Inpatient Pain Rehabilitation Centers in Texas

a doctor discussing the best inpatient pain rehabilitation centers in Texas with a patient

Acute pain is a condition that hurts for a little while and then goes away. Chronic pain is a discomfort that persists. Common complaints include low back pain, arthritis, and nerve pains. If that’s what you’re dealing with, isn’t it time to find the best inpatient pain rehabilitation centers in Texas?

At Kemah Palms, we understand that chronic pain is a challenge that can be difficult to overcome. However, we want to give you the tools to do that. With our chronic pain treatment programs, in combination with our opioid and prescription drug addiction treatment options, you can gain the tools to manage your conditions. To learn more about our inpatient treatment options, contact Kemah Palms today today.

Are You Dealing with Pain? You’re Not Alone!

The National Academy of Sciences notes that approximately 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. This figure includes individuals with the discomfort that worsens over time as well as those who experience occasional, temporary, improvement. The ongoing ache produces numerous side effects. For example, you experience a reduction in your quality of life, the ability to participate in activities, and job opportunities.
You don’t exercise the way that you used to, which can result in more health problems. Next, there’s the psychological cost. You may develop depression or anxiety. Getting relief is at the forefront of your mind.

Why Seeking out the Best Inpatient Pain Rehabilitation Centers in Texas Is in Your Best Interest

If over-the-counter pain relievers don’t work for you, doctors will be quick to prescribe opioids. These medications are effective because they bind to the opioid receptors of your brain, leading to euphoric effects and significant levels of pain relief. However, because of their effects, they have high addiction potential. They cause your brain to forget how to produce feelings of happiness on its own, relying on the substances to create those feelings. As a result, they can lead to dependency, even if you follow your doctor’s instructions.

Eventually, you’ll find yourself increasing the dose to deal with the tolerance that your body develops. In short, you’re now in the danger zone. If you keep taking the drugs, you’ll experience withdrawal symptoms every time that you don’t use the medication. When you stop drug use cold turkey, and you’re dealing with physiological ramifications as well as psychological ones.

Finding the best inpatient pain rehabilitation centers in Texas lets you tackle the situation from both angles. If you’re already struggling with addiction, the center’s staff helps you overcome it. Concurrently, you deal with psychological symptoms such as depression or anxiety. Above all, you get a handle on your pain.

How Inpatient Pain Rehab Works

While everyone’s treatment is different, we do follow a few basic steps. First, you will work with an intake counselor to define your needs. Everyone’s different, and you require full customization of a care protocol. Next, you check into your room and get comfortable. Finally, you work with therapists who might introduce modalities such as:

If you’ve been looking for a residential chronic pain recovery program in South Houston, you have options. One of the best inpatient pain rehabilitation centers in Texas is right here in Kemah. At Kemah Palms Recovery®, therapists work with clients who are struggling with pain as well as addiction problems. Call [Direct] today for immediate access to assistance.