Deciding Between Detox Centers in Houston

group therapy in detox centers in houston

Detoxification is the beginning of your journey toward long-lasting recovery. It’s not easy. However, with the help of one of the detox centers in South Houston, it’s possible to do so safely and comfortably. How do you pick the right facility?

Understanding the Mechanism of Chemical Dependency

Recovery from addiction happens in two stages. Firstly, a Houston detox center helps you end the physiological dependency. This means that you won’t wake up to withdrawal symptoms any longer. Instead, your body recognizes that it doesn’t need the drug for survival.

Rehab is the stage that allows you to tackle the psychological part of the condition. Whereas detox takes about seven days, rehab can take 30 days or longer. It depends on you. However, many people feel so good after detox that they quit treatment.

That’s a mistake. Government officials warn that substance use disorders have a 40 to 60-percent relapse rate. Without undergoing both types of treatments, you heighten your chances of relapse. In some cases, this could lead to life-threatening consequences.

Evaluate Detox Centers in South Houston with This Understanding in Mind

Good-quality facilities offer medical detoxification. You work with therapists, physicians, and nurses. To assist you with the safe and pain-free withdrawal from drugs or alcohol, they use a variety of approaches. Examples include:

  • Medical supervision of your progress as you go through the stages of withdrawal
  • Medication-assisted treatment that helps you manage cravings for the substance while removing any pain
  • Addiction education, which enables you to recognize how the drug hooked you in the first place
  • One-on-one talk therapy that encourages you to plan for long-term recovery through rehab
  • Group therapy as a tool for talking through emotions you encounter as you’re quitting a substance

Almost everyone’s at risk of early relapse after detox – unless they work with a facility that offers rehab, too.

A Full Continuum of Care Protects against Early Relapse

Detox centers in South Houston that also offer rehab let you seamlessly transition to clinical care. As soon as you finish medical modalities, therapists ease you into a new care protocol. Care options include:

  • Psychotherapy, which empowers you to pinpoint the events that led up to substance abuse
  • Behavioral treatments that let you develop the tools you need to cope with trigger situations differently
  • Trauma treatment, which is essential when one of your triggers is an unresolved event you still need to process
  • Relapse prevention training to focus on long-term sobriety and the temptations you might experience along the way
  • Experiential therapies such as art or writing to help you find new ways of introspection and personal expression

Finding the Right Facility for Your Needs Today

Among the detox centers in South Houston that offer both care options, Kemah Palms Recovery® stands out. It’s the facility in the Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO network. Besides that, it has a license from the Texas Department of Human Services. Call 855-568-0218 today to learn how caring therapists can assist you with recovery.