Dealing with Chronic Pain and Addiction

a woman suffering from chronic pain and addiction

When you or someone you love face the commonly paired problems of chronic pain and addiction, the future feels scary. But with the right treatment, chronic pain becomes a problem of your past, just as you learn how to live without using drugs or alcohol. Instead, you learn constructive ways of managing your pain for the life you truly want.

Treatment for Addiction and Chronic Pain

Addiction and chronic pain are such widespread problems today because we knew less of how to treat or manage pain like yours in the past. Now, experts understand the issues of physical discomfort and how to work with your body and mind for a better life. These treatment methods actually train you in how to cope with your pain in new ways.

One of the biggest keys to overcoming your addiction and chronic pain comes down to pain management without prescription drugs. A combination of therapies works best, such as:

According to the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, these combined approaches work for certain types of chronic pain management without risking addiction. In essence, you work with your body in finding the best strategies for your unique needs. You gain a better understanding of your physical and psychological being, in the process.

Challenges of Dealing with Chronic Pain and Addiction

Of course, the biggest challenges in your treatment for chronic pain and addiction include making the decision to get help and following your treatment plan for success. Pharmaceutical drugs remain widely available, so you must commit to ending your dependence without turning to these drugs again in the future. You must stop fearing your pain and considering a medication your only option for comfort and mobility.

One way of overcoming these treatment challenges is in getting to know the bigger reality of these medications. Opioids, for example, actually cause more pain over time because they change how your brain and its systems work. You actually develop some new types of pain while trying to relieve your original problem.

You learn these issues and others as part of comprehensive treatment programs designed specifically for people suffering the dual problem of pain and addiction. Treatment programs at a chronic pain recovery center in South Houston include:

So Much to Learn In Your Addiction and Pain Treatment Center

Making a choice to enter treatment for your chronic pain and addiction is the right one. You have so much to gain in making these healthy choices and working on the root cause of your pain along with ways of managing this ongoing discomfort. With learning, practice and the right help like that of Kemah Palms Recovery® in Kemah, Texas, you emerge from your cycle of pain and medication for a healthier, happier and more comfortable life in sobriety. Call Kemah Palms now for help>.