Tips for Finding a Job After Recovery From an Addiction

a former addict finding a job after recovery

Finding a job after recovery is something that plays a significant role. Reducing the likeliness of relapse after leaving rehab. For many individuals, entering rehab for several months at a time will require them to put their careers on hold. Others choose to have a fresh start by making a career change. Whatever the reason, making this decision to seek employment after addiction is an important step on the road to recovery.

Despite how important it is to find a job after rehab, it can be particularly challenging. If you have gaps in your resume, a criminal record, or a similar issue. You’ll likely experience difficulty getting a job after leaving rehab.

Steps to Finding a Job After Recovery

In addition to having to explain your past employment history to a future employer, you may find the process of applying, interviewing, and adjusting to life with a new job equally as challenging. Thankfully, if you’re looking for a job right out of recovery. There are a few ways you can improve your chances. Most experts suggest that recovering clients turn to their network to improve their chances of finding the right job.

If you haven’t already, leverage the connections you have with your support group and mentors to identify potential leads. By relying on your peers for their business connections, you’ll have a greater chance of securing an interview and landing the job.

In addition to networking for potential employment opportunities, be sure to tap into any support made available through your rehab center. As most rehab centers understand that you will need to find employment after addiction, many offer programs like relapse prevention therapy and aftercare planning to address this need.

Relapse Prevention Therapy Aids in Finding Employment After Addiction

While the goal is to achieve sobriety during rehab, many people struggle to reenter society and continue working. Part of the challenge you’ll face when working after rehab is the stress of dealing with your new daily routine. Without the proper resources, the stress of trying to find work and overcome your old triggers can prove to be too much.

Becoming a successful employee after rehab must start during the treatment itself. While statistics indicate that most people return to their addiction after rehab, the reality is that an effective relapse prevention therapy or RPT will reduce the likelihood of relapse.

This type of program is the best line of defense against anything that may trigger you to return to your old life. RPT is a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy that helps an individual predict, manage, and understand any threats to their sobriety. This form of therapy is key in long-term recovery as it has proven to be effective in reducing the potential to relapse.

Aftercare Programs for Employment After Recovery

As you go about finding a job after recovery, be sure to use the rehab’s aftercare help in Kemah, Texas, as a resource. These programs start once you finish rehab. By enrolling in an aftercare program, you’ll experience an easier transition to a normal life.

Aftercare plays such an important role in sustained sobriety. As it acts as a guide to help you reenter the workforce and your regular life. While these programs don’t have the same strict rules as rehab, they do have their own set of requirements. For example, certain rehab centers require you stay sober for a specific period of time before enrolling in these programs.

This type of aftercare help lets you achieve your goals of remaining sober outside of rehab. These programs play a pivotal role in helping you become accustomed to working regularly again.

Don’t let an addiction stand in the way of you and your dream job. Overcome your substance use disorder, and improve your job prospects with a quality treatment center. Contact us today to learn more today.