How Quickly Does Addiction Happen and How Can I Treat It?

a group with beers wondering how quickly does addiction happen

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for “How quickly does addiction happen?” Whenever it comes to an addiction timeline, there are dozens of factors out there that can end up causing a person to become addicted to something. Fortunately, researchers have come across dozens of pieces of information that can help you identify the problems that are beginning to bud. You can stop some of these addiction problems before they become serious over time. Fortunately, Kemah Palms in South Houston, has some more information about the addiction timeline and how you can take the right steps toward recovery.

How Quickly Does Addiction Happen to Someone?

There are dozens of triggers that can cause addiction in an individual. However, it is a person’s willpower that is the key to helping them overcome these addictions. Someone who has strong willpower will have a better opportunity at resisting temptation. An individual who has lower amounts of willpower will easily succumb to the addictive behavior.

Willpower is someone’s tolerance for addictive behavior. This means that they have the ability to say no at any given time. However, many life stressors can hinder a person’s ability to say no to something. Some of these include job stressors, failing relationships, lack of money and much more. Anything that is stressful can eventually tear down a person’s ability to say no.

These stressors will cause an individual to seek out validating activities at the end of the day. Some of these validating activities can present themselves in many different forms. Drugs, alcohol, sex addiction and more can end up presenting themselves to the person as an escape. This escape will help them temporarily overcome the struggles that they are facing in their everyday lives. Unfortunately, these activities are incredibly self-destructive and can end up causing an incredible amount of harm.

Self-destructive addictions may cause an individual to become reclusive, perform poorly at their job, and sever relationships through negative behavior. A person with low willpower will not be able to fight off these addictions and can eventually succumb to them. This is but one of many pieces of evidence that can help us understand an addiction timeline better. Fortunately, there are many resources available that can help you overcome addiction if you have been suffering. Our professional team of wellness experts will be able to provide you with the help that you need.

How Can Addiction Be Treated?

Addiction can develop incredibly quickly if the person who is suffering from it does not have the right tools. Kemah Palms provides addiction treatment in Kemah, TX, for those who are being affected by this self-destructive behavior. You will find that Kemah Palms has plenty of in-house treatment options that can help you overcome your addiction problems. Many of these addiction treatment plans include therapeutic hobbies that introduce healthy habits into your life. We also provide an aftercare program to help you rehabilitate yourself back into the world.

Our chronic pain program is available for those who have been suffering for a long time. This program helps you overcome the struggles you’ve been facing in the healthiest way possible. We believe in the 12-step approach to helping you overcome your addiction problems.

Do not wait any longer to receive help if you are suffering from addiction. Millions of Americans succumb to addiction and its horrible grip each day. Seeking help is the only way to overcome this burden in the healthiest way possible. Kemah Palms is here to provide you with an advanced recovery center dedicated to helping you improve your life. Give us a call today today to schedule an appointment.