Tips for How to Stop Drinking

Learn how to stop drinking at Kemah Palms

Learning how to stop drinking can be the enigma of enigmas for people that tend to problem drink. Problem drinkers are often flummoxed at why they cannot get their drinking habits under control if they have gotten that far in the thinking process about their drinking.

Of course, the people surrounding the problem drinker often wonder the same thing, why can’t my loved one stop drinking?


Alcoholism does not have just one face; all alcoholics do not look alike. People from all walks of life can be an alcoholic. And it’s important to remember that learning how to stop drinking is not an easy process for an alcoholic.

The best bet for an alcoholic is to find the best alcohol rehabs near Houston. Removing yourself from your current environment to initiate making significant changes in your life is a great place to start.

Alcoholics are often in denial for a long time before they finally reach out to get help. This is partially because most people don’t understand alcoholism, including the medical profession. For this reason, alcoholism is thought of as a moral issue over anything else.

Science is beginning to find correlations between gene expression and the propensity for one to become addicted to a substance. There is no known western cure to learn how to stop drinking, and medical professionals find it hard to treat along with many other psychiatric disorders.

You have alcohol use disorder if you:

  • Crave alcohol
  • Drink longer or more than intended
  • Go through withdrawal upon abstaining
  • Have built up a tolerance
  • Attempt to stop or decrease consumption, but can’t
  • Keep drinking even when it is hurting your life/body
  • Spend copious amounts of time drinking, hungover, or thinking about drinking

How to Stop Drinking

The fact that there is little known about alcoholism and that most people consider it a moral issue means that the only known way to get people to stop drinking is through hard work. As mentioned above, looking at alcohol rehabs near Houston is a great place to start.

An alcohol rehab will give you a time out where you can collect your thoughts on the path you are taking in life. You will be given psychiatric evaluations and treatment. Most alcohol rehabs near Houston will help you to identify your triggers, and maybe even help you find employment and housing if you need it.

Once you spend time at one of the alcohol rehabs near Houston, TX, you should have an aftercare program and been exposed to 12-step programs in your area. The planning of your aftercare is the most crucial part of your treatment once you are safely weaned off of alcohol.

Everyone will develop their own plan and find what works best for them. Commonly, people have to change some things about their environment, like finding friends that do not drink. Having a network of people to lean on when you are in crises or thinking about drinking is extremely important as well.

For example, you are wondering how to stop drinking, so you turn to the internet for guidance from someone. Having a support system and a safe place where people can understand what you are going through is paramount when working to stay sober.

Alcohol Rehab in South Houston

Kemah Palms is one of the top alcohol rehabs near Houston, TX. They offer specialized programming for alcoholics seeking their first treatment, to alcoholics that have relapsed. The most common treatments in alcohol rehab are:

If you are wondering how to stop drinking for once and for all, help is out there. Give Kemah Palms a call today to be on your way to living the life you deserve!