Is Alcoholism a Disease?

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One of the most debated questions, “Is Alcoholism a Disease?” continues to be a topic that treatment professionals and scientists explore regularly. There is a lot of confusion about the term disease and what that means in addiction. This confusion can affect your decision to visit an alcohol addiction treatment center in Kemah TX.

However, if you are suffering from alcoholism, then it does not matter whether or not you have a full understanding of the addiction. What matters most is that you seek help from a treatment specialist who can help you overcome the addiction. Recovery is as much about understanding yourself as it is understanding the nature of substance abuse.

What Exactly is Alcoholism?

In the most basic terms possible, the definition of alcoholism is the inability to control your drinking. Alcoholism is not an isolated case of getting drunk on occasion. If you get blitzed at a party one night a year, you are not an alcoholic. However, if you cannot get through a day without drinking or getting drunk, you may be suffering from alcoholism.

Alcoholism is more than just alcohol abuse, although both are intertwined somewhat. For example, you may only drink every once in a while, but when you do, you go overboard and drink way too much. As a result, you abuse alcohol. If you do that over and again every day, then you are forming an addiction, i.e., alcoholism.

Is Alcoholism a Disease?

The medical term disease denotes that a physical or psychological problem is potentially terminal because it can always come back. So, if your doctor removes cancer from your body, there is a chance that it could return.

For this reason, many professionals in the medical field label alcoholism as a chronic disease. You have probably heard the phrase, “Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic.” While the phrase does sound offensive, the point is this: There is always a chance that you could relapse and fall back into alcoholism.

While percentages vary, the range of people who relapse and are not using relapse prevention therapy falls somewhere between 40 and 60 percent. That is a considerable amount of people who go back to drinking heavily. This is why many people believe that alcoholism is a disease.

Managing the Symptoms of Alcoholism

Like any other medical condition, there is treatment available for alcoholism. An alcohol addiction treatment center in Kemah, TX can help you overcome addiction and stay clean for the rest of your life. Treatment may include:

  • Going through an alcohol detox program as a first step
  • Entering rehab and participating in individual therapy
  • Joining a support group and attending regular meetings
  • Holistic therapy that teaches you strategies to stay off alcohol
  • Family therapy for members of your family affected by your addiction
  • Aftercare programs that offer long-term care and support

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