There are a number of ways to tackle addiction, but in virtually every program clients will benefit from some form of stress relief and relaxation. Meditation therapy delivers both of those along with some additional health benefits. Take a closer look at the benefits of meditation and why it can be a vital part of any addiction treatment plan.

How is Meditation Therapy Used for Substance Abuse Treatment?

Meditation therapy works during addiction treatment

First, it is essential to understand what meditation therapy is. Meditation is a comfortable, convenient and free form of therapy, making it ideal for people from all walks of life. To get started, all you need is a quiet place to stay still for a few minutes.

Meditation doesn't have to be a big part of your life, but it should be a consistent part of your life. In rehab, many clients spend 15 minutes or more a day in the same meditation space. You can meditate while sitting or even laying down, but it is important to be relatively free from distractions. Once meditation is over, you can get up and continue with the rest of your day.

Using Meditation to Increase Mindfulness

When someone has been under the influence of drugs or alcohol for an extended period, it can be tough to become mindful and aware once again. When you're struggling with addiction, there is always just one overarching need–getting more of your preferred substance. In sobriety, it is hard to find that inner compass once again.

With meditation, clients can start to develop mindfulness. They can look inward and think about how they feel, their bodily sensations, and what they think. In a few minutes of stillness, there are no outside distractions or influences. This is an excellent way to relearn how to listen to the signs and requests of your body.

Learning to Manage Stress Through Meditation

Stress is a significant factor in the development of an addiction and in relapse. Unfortunately, many individuals don't have the right tools or experience to deal with stress in a healthy way. In rehab and beyond, turning to substance abuse is no longer an option. Fortunately, meditation therapy can become an effective means of stress relief.

Most people who practice meditation report that their stress levels go down significantly. If something is bothering you, or if you feel overwhelmed by a situation, breathing in stillness for a few minutes could be the difference between continuing sobriety and relapse.

Using Meditation to Improve Sleep

Insomnia is often a problem for men and women in recovery from addiction. Insomnia is typical, and it usually improves over time. However, it can be a struggle to feel rested each day. Meditation is one way to improve sleep.

Meditation can help clients feel tired in the evenings, encouraging them to head to bed and get some sleep. By reducing blood pressure and slowing down the heart rate, it naturally promotes a good night of rest. Even meditating in the morning is linked to better overall sleep patterns.

Meditation Can Improve Mood and Mental Health

While meditation therapy delivers some physical benefits, there are also plenty of mental health benefits. To start, people who meditate regularly report better moods and an improved outlook on life. This might be because obstacles in life don't feel as overwhelming as they did before.

Meditation can also help with the symptoms of specific mental health disorders. Rates of depression, for example, go down among people who meditate daily. The same is true for anxiety. While meditation can't resolve mental health disorders, they can alleviate some of the more common symptoms.

Holistic Addiction Therapies & Treatments at Kemah Palms Recovery®

At Kemah Palms, meditation therapy is just one of many holistic treatments that help clients achieve sobriety. Addiction recovery is about more than just breaking free from addiction. It is also about finding meaning and happiness in life. To accomplish those goals, all of the following programs are available:

  • 12 Step recovery
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Aftercare programs
  • Motivational enhancement therapy

Meditation therapy is a useful tool on the road to recovery. At Kemah Palms Recovery® in Kemah, Texas, clients can gain strength and prepare for a lifetime of sobriety. Call 713-568-1210 to take back control over your life today.