According to research, men are more likely to drink in excess than women. For this reason, they have a higher risk for health conditions and addiction. The more they drink, the more likely they are to suffer these problems. The safest way for men to get help is to enroll in a men's alcohol rehab program.

Risks of Alcohol Abuse in Men

Statistics show that about 58 percent of male adults drink every month. Compared to women, they're nearly twice as likely to binge drink. About 23 percent of them binge five times a month. They also go to the hospital or die because of alcohol abuse more often than women.

Men face different health concerns than women when it comes to excessive drinking too. For example, alcohol can interfere with male hormone production and testicular function. Because of that, they could have less chest or facial hair and suffer from impotence or infertility.

Another issue that men face is increased aggression, which makes them more prone to assault others. In fact, alcohol use is a frequent contributor to sexual assault cases. In general, drinking reduces inhibitions and increases the chances of men participating in risky activities. These include driving under the influence and having unprotected sex.

Alongside women, excessive alcohol use raises the risk for men to develop cancer of the colon, esophagus, liver, mouth, and throat. Aside from addiction, other health problems include:

  • Learning and memory issues
  • Mental health illnesses
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Digestive problems

What to Expect From a Men's Alcohol Rehab Program

Men might drink because of stress from work, social pressures, and family obligations. They could also be the victims of sexual or physical assault and use alcohol to self-medicate their emotions. In any case, a men's alcohol rehab program helps men learn how to cope with these issues in healthy ways. While the treatments that work vary among people, it's crucial for men to choose the right type of alcohol rehab facility.

Types of Alcohol Rehab Facilities

One of the most critical services that an alcohol addiction rehab clinic should offer is personalized care. However, it also needs to provide the level of care that men need. The two standards of care are inpatient and outpatient rehab.

Inpatient rehab is a fully supervised program that delivers around-the-clock medical monitoring and emotional support. It includes living at a rehab center for the duration of treatment. One-on-one, group and family counseling are standard services that therapists tailor to men's needs.

Outpatient rehab is a partially supervised program that allows men to keep working or fulfilling other obligations during treatment. It involves traveling to and from a rehab center for scheduled one-on-one, family and group counseling sessions. The downside, however, is that men are more vulnerable to relapse because they don't get constant supervision.

Alcoholism Rehab Program Steps

Despite the customized treatment plans, a men's alcohol rehab program follows a few general steps. The first is medical detox while the body adapts to quitting alcohol use. The withdrawal symptoms that develop can have life-threatening effects, so medical care is essential. It may include medications that reduce the symptoms, including cravings and prevent alcohol use.

The next step is therapy. Specialized care may also be necessary if, for instance, men have co-occurring disorders. This term refers to the presence of another mental health condition that occurs alongside alcohol addiction. Dual diagnosis treatment is necessary for these situations because both issues need treatment to prevent relapse.

The final step is an aftercare program, which is basically a transitional program from rehab to normal living. It can involve a sober living home, support group meetings or regular visits to a private therapist. The goal of this stage in a men's alcohol rehab program is to provide ongoing support during recovery.

Treating Alcohol Addiction in Men at Kemah Palms Recovery®

Are you ready to get help for excessive drinking? At Kemah Palms Recovery®, our men's addiction rehab program in Texas offers treatment for many substance use disorders. Our addiction services include:

  • Medical detox program
  • Alcohol detox program
  • Heroin addiction treatment
  • Painkiller addiction treatment
  • Cocaine addiction treatment

Kemah Palms Recovery® also understands the difficulties of remaining sober after treatment. For that reason, we offer relapse prevention therapy and have an aftercare program that provides ongoing support.

Don't let drinking too much ruin your life. Enroll in a men's alcohol rehab program that addresses your specific needs. Call Kemah Palms Recovery® at 713-568-1210 to repair your life now.