Learn Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction During Rehab

a doctor discussing mindfulness based stress reduction with a patient

Addiction affects the lives of millions of people every year. Everyone’s addiction develops differently. However, doctors have done research on common causes of addiction. Addiction specialists recognize that about half of addiction cases have a genetic or hereditary component. However, the other half has to do with poor coping skills. As a person going through life, you can not help but deal with stress. If addiction hooked you, mindfulness-based stress reduction could be an essential aspect of healing. It is important to get proper addiction treatment help, Kemah Palms can help with your recovery.

How Stress Influences Substance Abuse

Work is stressful. You come home and have a drink to relax. It becomes a habit. You gradually increase the amount of alcohol you consume to enhance relaxation. Drinking can to relax can lead to a number of issues. It is important to be aware of when your habits become a problem.

A particular project is due and you have to prove yourself. You take stimulant drugs because they help you concentrate and cut down on your need to sleep. Then you keep taking them even after the project is over.

Your family life is a mess, you are not going anywhere at work, and you feel depressed. A drug numbs you for a while. It takes the edge off situations. You keep using because you do not want to deal with things any longer.

How Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Changes Your Coping Patterns

These are just a few examples of what many people go through. Mindfulness meditation therapy is a Buddhist practice. You do not have to subscribe to this type of spirituality, or any religion, to benefit from it. You start by taking stock of your feelings and thoughts.

Do not attach any judgment. Just become aware of what you are thinking and feeling. Next, accept that you have these feelings and thoughts. They are part of you now.

Feelings and thoughts are neither right nor wrong. Instead, they are temporary and will change if you give them enough time. You permit yourself to have these feelings and thoughts. As a result, you can make decisions that you base on your understanding of their impermanence.

Tying in Stress Management with Other Modalities at Rehab

Mindfulness-based stress reduction can be a vital part of healing. However, it can not stand alone. During rehab, you undergo other addiction treatment services that supplement your efforts at developing healthy coping skills. Examples of therapies include:

Rehab approaches rely on expert customization. You work with a therapist who ensures that you receive the treatment you need at this time. Your setup may focus quite a bit on stress management if this is a significant need that you experience. The goal is to support your recovery with matching modalities.

Addiction does not have to define your life. Kemah Palms offers a number of programs to help those struggling with addiction start a new chapter. Maybe mindfulness-based stress reduction would be an excellent fit for your needs at this time. It can easily become a part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Contact the addiction treatment experts at Kemah Palms Recovery® today to schedule an intake interview. Call [Direct] now.