Addiction treatment uses a range of therapy methods, and experts develop new therapies over time. Especially for those in treatment for the first time, it's helpful to learn about current and new recovery strategies. Compared to many therapies, motivational enhancement therapy Houston TX may use hasn't been around for very long. However, its techniques move people to change.

How Can Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) Help With Substance Abuse?

Counselor conducting motivational enhancement therapy Houston TX with client

As a type of counseling, MET helps people who are hesitant about getting substance use treatment. It's common for those with addiction to resist change, and MET encourages them to engage in treatment. Rather than use a step-guided process, it includes a short therapy period that invokes internal change.

In 1993, MET was one of the three interventions that Project MATCH tested for alcohol abuse treatment. It uses motivational psychology principles and Motivational Interviewing techniques. MET sessions incorporate these into a structured approach that assesses people's behaviors and provides regular feedback. Because of these elements, motivational enhancement therapy Houston TX is a patient-focused therapy.

Also, it teaches people how to avoid self-destructive behaviors. Patients also learn coping skills to deal with stressful situations. They develop the ability to view their behavior objectively as well. Then, MET empowers them to make the changes necessary to overcome their problems. As the sessions progress, therapists track these changes and provide support.

Although private therapists may use MET as a stand-alone treatment, a rehab center will combine it with others. It's common for people also to receive cognitive-behavioral, group and family counseling. Together, these treatments offer a comprehensive guide for changing behaviors and staying sober.

MET Strategies for Addiction

The primary goals of motivational enhancement therapy Houston TX are to increase awareness of problem behaviors and motivate change. To achieve these objectives, it works through five strategies.

Encouraging people to develop and express empathy is the first technique. It demonstrates how their actions impact others to motivate change. It also helps them build trust with their therapists.

Coming to terms with the gap between where people think that they are and where they actually are is essential. It can open their eyes and uncover self-motivation to change. Avoiding arguments is another technique used during motivational enhancement therapy. Therapists won't argue with people about their substance use but encourage them to have a positive outlook.

Motivational enhancement therapy Houston TX also involves working through resistance to treatment. Therapists help people realize how their actions affect their relationships and life goals to encourage treatment. Supporting self-efficacy is the final technique. It teaches clients that they have the power to overcome addiction and achieve their goals.

Overview of MET Rehab Sessions

The first step in motivational enhancement therapy is an assessment of people's substance use and mental health histories. During this time, therapists also set goals to overcome drug abuse. After that, there are four more sessions.

The first MET session involves discussing the results of the assessment. Therapists compare their patients' behaviors to the general population. Then, they encourage a discussion about their client's problems, identify and support motivations, and talk about future plans.

The second session during motivational enhancement therapy Houston TX involves building commitment and increasing motivation. Patients work with therapists to develop a plan for change with short- and long-term goals. Therapists also identify behaviors that could hinder these goals and encourage solutions. They review the patients' progress along the way.

The third and fourth motivational enhancement therapy sessions review patients' progress and reinforce their motivations. These sessions also aim to reaffirm their dedication to change.

As part of addiction treatment modalities, people may participate in two MET sessions during the early stages. They may have the third session in the middle of the program and the fourth session at the end.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy at Kemah Palms Recovery®

Have you expressed concern about a loved one's alcohol or drug use? Does he or she lack the motivation to seek treatment? Kemah Palms Recovery® can use MET to encourage change that supports addiction recovery. We combine this treatment with other programs and services such as:

  • Medical detox program
  • Residential addiction treatment program
  • Outpatient rehab program
  • Individual therapy
  • Neurofeedback therapy
  • Relapse prevention therapy

Kemah Palms Recovery® also offers chronic pain treatment. This program consists of medical detox, residential and outpatient programs, and aftercare services. We include family therapy and many holistic treatments as well.

Don't let substances or chronic pain deter your loved one from getting help. Let Kemah Palms Recovery® provide the motivational enhancement therapy Houston TX trusts to uncover self-motivation. Contact us now at 713-568-1210 for more information.