When you need a quality rehab program for your addiction recovery, consider one offering nutritional therapy and other holistic methods. These therapies provide greater balance and wellness in your life, forming a solid foundation for recovery success with nutritional guidance and evaluation. Of course, a better diet makes you feel and look better, too.

Anyone seeking recovery treatment wants to be that person who returns home feeling great. Even more, we all fantasize about looking so good that people "ooh and ahh" at our remarkable transformation. You can be that person. You merely need a rehab treatment program providing nutritional therapy and healthy activities toward physical fitness.

Nutritional Therapy and Addiction Recovery

Nutritional guidance and evaluation taking place during rehab and nutritional therapy

Consider that for the past months or years of your addiction, you ate poorly when you ate at all. So when you go into a licensed and accredited treatment program, nutritional therapy starts with detox. Especially during the withdrawal phase of treatment, you need basic nutrients you have long lived without. While you do not see this right now, every part of your body and even your mind have suffered the wrath of poor nutrition and addiction.

In your drug detox program, you gain nutritionally balanced meals, healthy snacks and hydration your body needs after nutritional guidance and evaluation. These nutrients and even drinking water help your body strengthen while getting through withdrawal symptoms. Something as simple as drinking enough fluids and eating the right amount of fats each day helps prevent or reduce joint, muscle and general aches of withdrawal. Nutrition helps with headaches and other symptoms, too.

If you need to lose extra weight or put on weight after your addiction, your dietitian helps you get on that path. You also gain a better understanding of how food affects your moods and general wellness. Fighting cravings is made easier through proper eating habits.

What Treatments Work Well with Nutrition in Rehab?

Of course, nutritional therapy goes well with health-focused activities, exercise, yoga, and meditation therapy. At the same time, a fitness regimen builds up your self-confidence and even speeds up your physical improvement after addiction.

Art and music therapies work well with nutrition. Nutrition also improves your creativity, focus, and ability to think clearly. All of these play a role in the creative process. Through nutritional guidance and evaluation, you find the right balance for yourself.

Nutrition helps with your talk therapies, too. Imagine yourself in the middle of a therapy session feeling moody and unable to find the words to express yourself. Trouble concentrating, lost focus, inability to clearly verbalize thoughts and moodiness all occur for people not eating as they should. For some, experiencing bouts of low blood sugar make these problems worse. As you see from these examples, nutritional guidance and evaluation play a significant role in all facets of your addiction recovery.

Where Do I Find Nutritional Therapy During Rehab?

Not all rehabs provide therapeutic nutrition. But the accredited rehab programs at Kemah Palms Recovery® do include these critical therapies, along with a wide range of others. Your program at Kemah Palms Recovery® starts with nutritional guidance and evaluation. This treatment center along the Gulf Coast of Texas provides a holistic approach to addiction and chronic pain recovery.

At Kemah Palms Recovery®, your addiction treatment and chronic pain recovery include:

  • Medical detox program
  • Residential rehab and outpatient rehab program
  • Acupuncture, massage, meditation and neurofeedback therapies
  • CBT, DBT, EMDR, and MET
  • Group therapy and psychotherapy
  • Exercise therapy
  • Writing therapy program

Your holistic program and nutritional therapy at Kemah Palms Recovery® forms around your individual needs. Learn more about treatment for addiction at Kemah Palms Recovery® by calling 713-568-1210 now. You can enjoy a better life, looking and feeling your best after accredited rehab treatment in Kemah, Texas.