How Does Psychotherapy Help Addiction Treatment

woman undergoing psychotherapy during rehab

Suffering addiction is just that, suffering. This disease takes its toll on your life. The root of your addiction exists in your history, environment, background, and biology. This history proves why you need psychotherapy during rehab treatment. You need to address the problems of your past so you can build a better future.

The Role Psychotherapy Plays in Rehab

In rehab, psychotherapy helps you regain some control over your life. As you take back control over yourself, you start managing your disease, too. Rehab therapies serve several explicit purposes:

  • Achieve sobriety
  • Maintain your recovery
  • Prevent relapse
  • Supporting you in difficult environments

Therapy helps you get to know yourself and your addiction better. At the same time, you learn about your triggers, behaviors, emotions, relationships, and situations as they relate to your substance abuse. You also learn how these lead you toward relapse, so you can stand firm against your temptations. In essence, you learn healthy coping skills for living in a healthy way.

Therapy helps you in many areas of your life. These include coping with significant life stresses and trying situations. You learn how to deal with your past trauma, so it stops affecting your present and future. You also learn to take better care of yourself, for the strength you need for lasting addiction recovery.

Many Types of Psychotherapy Exist

Psychotherapy includes many types of therapeutic approaches. What works for someone else may not work best for you. So in rehab, you work with your therapists who customize a treatment plan best suited to your unique needs. Because addiction has many sides, your therapies include a mix of types to address all aspects of your condition.

One of the most helpful forms of therapy in rehab is cognitive behavioral therapy. CBT helps you recognize unhealthy, negative thoughts and behaviors. You replace these with healthy, positive ones. This type of therapy supports you throughout your daily life going forward from addiction treatment.

Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) is another valuable therapy, one related to CBT. This type teaches you new skills for better handling your stress, emotions, and strained relationships.

In group psychotherapy, you learn about your problems in relating to other people. Group therapy helps you improve your current and future relationships. You also learn positive interpersonal skills for connecting with family, friends, and co-workers.

Additional therapies for rehab include eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), motivational enhancement therapy (MET), family therapy, recreational therapies and holistic therapies. You also benefit from experiential therapy, physical fitness, neurofeedback, and meditation.

How Psychotherapy Takes Place

Your individual therapy takes place right in your chosen rehab program. Kemah Palms Recovery® provides a wide variety of therapies and counseling programs. When you start rehab at Kemah Palms, your very first session with your therapist forms the basis for the rest of your treatment.

At times, therapy feels tough. You also will feel like giving up at some point. So remember that these difficult times lead to the most progress. You experience life-changing breakthroughs at various times in your rehab treatment. By working hard in your therapy, you propel yourself forward into a healthier, happier, more productive and fulfilling future.

Therapies and Programs at Kemah Palms Recovery® in Kemah, Texas

Choosing a rehab program that is just right for you may prove difficult. But right in front of you is Kemah Palms Recovery®, a Joint Commission accredited rehab center with the therapies, education, support and treatments you need for your best chance of recovery. Accreditation is essential when looking for drug or alcohol rehab, as these top programs represent the best treatments, proven to work.

When entering an accredited rehab, you go into the program knowing the only thing between you and lasting recovery is yourself. If you apply yourself to your program and therapies, you will earn the future you crave.

Programs of Kemah Palms Recovery® include:

Call Kemah Palms Recovery® now at 855-568-0218 for more information about programs and psychotherapy in rehab. You can get beyond your addiction to the brighter, happier life on the other side. So call Kemah Palms now to start the therapies you need.