Recovery is Possible Even With High Risk Factors for Addiction

a girl passed out on a couch and a teen facing the risk factors for addiction

Some of the more obvious risk factors for addiction are maintaining a lifestyle of recreationally using substances known to cause dependence and addiction. Other risk factors are not as obvious but can prove life-altering. Self-medicating for untreated mental or emotional health issues and pain are just as risky and can leave anyone in the grasp of unintentional addiction. You may not even recognize your addiction until the addiction takes a huge toll on your personal life.

Understanding the Risk Factors for Addiction

Who is at risk for addiction? Chronic pain sufferers who take prescription pain medications are often surprised when they are unable to easily stop. Anyone unaware of the addictive nature of some prescription and recreational drugs is at high risk of suffering from some level of addiction. As dependency grows, so does the risk of a full-blown addiction. It’s important to seek the help you need and not try to tackle it on your own.

Breaking the Stronghold of Addiction

Defeating addiction begins with the first step of facing the fact that dependency on a substance has grown into something difficult to control. These are the times to seek the intervention of professionals who offer compassionate assistance in bringing the behaviors under control. It is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself. Breaking a link in the chain is often all it takes to begin the process of recovery and healing.

Providing the Right Customized Therapy

No two individuals will respond the same to similar therapeutic methods. The best treatments can discern the likes and dislikes of the individual and create a customized treatment plan. Therapy methods like cognitive behavioral therapy and music therapy are just two of many treatment programs we offer to help individuals who respond well to this type of treatment. A dedicated treatment team can help assess which works best for your level of need and responsiveness.

Involving the Family for High-Risk Relapse Prevention

Your immediate family members are normally some of the most honest, yet supportive people during your recovery process. Better treatment programs understand this and strive to involve family therapy along with individual and group counseling. Cultivating a strong support system that includes close family members helps you avoid the possibility of relapse. The idea is to create a support network that involves friends, family, treatment experts, and counselors. You’ll never feel you are in the struggle all by yourself.

Focus on Total Well-Being and Health

Total lifestyle habits are just as important to look at as the other specifics of who is at risk for addiction. We offer the right therapeutic plan after we make an honest assessment regarding your overall health. You may have completely depleted your body of the vital nutrients it needs to heal. When you focus on nutritional wellness therapy and on physical fitness, you will ensure your body has everything it needs to recover from slight to long-term addictions.

Providing the Support System You Need

If you are in Texas, seek out the addiction treatment center in Kemah to provide the immediate and ongoing support needed for recovery. You don’t have to walk this path alone. Recovery is possible with the right therapy. It is also important to have compassionate people around you to guide you through the storm. You can manage chronic pain without the worry of addiction. Call the experts at Kemah Palms today, and talk with one of our team members today.