Like many other prescription drugs, Xanax is a popular substance that people abuse. The drug has sedative effects that create a sense of euphoria. However, this drug is addictive, especially when taken for recreational use. Fortunately, a Xanax addiction treatment center is available.

A South Houston Xanax Addiction Treatment Center

The risks that benzos pose are so significant that the Food and Drug Administration requires them to have special labeling. For this reason alone, it's essential for anyone with a benzo dependency or addiction to get professional treatment.

Like other drug addiction treatment programs, there are numerous treatment methods for a Xanax use disorder. A team of experts may include a general physician, nurses, a dietitian, therapists, and other specialists. They work together to choose the treatment methods that best suit each person's needs. In general, though, a Xanax addiction treatment center should offer withdrawal treatment and rehab therapy.

Xanax Addiction is Common

Prescription Xanax bars leading toward a Xanax addiction treatment center

Xanax is the brand name for the drug alprazolam. It's a benzodiazepine (benzo) that affects the central nervous system. Doctors prescribe it to treat anxiety and panic disorders. This psychoactive drug can also treat depression and phobias.

People often misuse Xanax to feel relaxed because the drug slows brain activity. However, it's also one of the most addictive benzos. Those who abuse it for an extended period must get help from a Xanax addiction treatment center. If they try to quit without help, they put themselves at risk for dangerous side effects, including seizures.

Withdrawal Treatment

Whether people have a dependence or addiction to Xanax, they're likely to suffer from withdrawal symptoms. This process manifests when they stop taking the benzo. The reason is that the brain has adapted and relies on the drug to function. When it doesn't have the drug, withdrawal becomes its way of signaling that something is wrong.

Some of the symptoms that Xanax addiction treatment helps include nausea, insomnia and high blood pressure. Anxiety, uncontrolled shaking, and suicidal thoughts can also occur during withdrawal.

The best way to avoid these symptoms is to taper off the drug in a medical detox program. Tapering involves reducing people's doses over several days or weeks so that their brains can adapt slowly. While they may feel mild withdrawal symptoms during this period, tapering prevents serious side effects.

In some cases, the Xanax addiction treatment center may switch people to long-acting benzos. It might also use buspirone or flumazenil to combat withdrawal symptoms.

Rehab Therapy

As soon as people are stable enough from detoxing, they can begin our addiction therapy services. In most cases, they participate before medical detox ends. However, they really start digging deep into their issues when they transition to rehab.

This phase of Xanax addiction treatment involves targeting the psychological problems of Xanax use disorder. Therapists use individual, family and group counseling to achieve that. They might use other techniques such as:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Motivational enhancement therapy (MET)
  • Neurofeedback therapy

A Xanax addiction treatment center will very likely use CBT because of its proven effectiveness. It helps people change how they think to improve how they feel and behave. It also teaches them healthy coping strategies that relieve stress and prevent relapse.

A holistic approach is also an essential part of Xanax addiction treatment at Kemah Palms. It addresses people's spiritual and emotional well-being, while evidence-based methods only address the physical and mental aspects. Some examples of holistic care include yoga, meditation, art, music and writing therapies.

Xanax Addiction Recovery at Kemah Palms in South Houston

Are you ready to get help for Xanax or another benzo addiction? Kemah Palms Recovery® has a prescription drug detox program and rehab program. Along with the above treatment methods, we offer a range of recovery services, including:

  • Residential addiction treatment program
  • Outpatient rehab program
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Relapse prevention therapy

At Kemah Palms Recovery®, we'll conduct a full evaluation to determine which of our services will best suit your needs. We'll also take your preferences into consideration. Also, our men's and women's rehab programs can address your unique needs based on your gender.

Don't hesitate any longer to get the care that you need. Find out how Xanax addiction treatment at Kemah Palms Recovery® can help you get your life back on track. Call us today at (571) 630-3366.