Evidence Based Addiction Treatment Center in South Houston

therapist taking notes of man struggling in evidence-based therapy

For many years, normal addiction treatment methods failed to deliver the recovery success providers wanted. In recent years, the very best addiction treatment specialists have adjusted their treatment methods to include evidence-based therapy options. The results have brought major changes to the relapse numbers experts have been reporting. That’s great news for addiction sufferers. Let’s focus on our evidence-based therapy program options in Kemah, Texas.

Evidence Based Therapy for Addiction

To qualify as evidence-based options, the process has to meet certain criteria. It requires that a doctor or scientist perform some type of experimental therapy. After obtaining the results, the doctor or scientists have to publish the results in a proper forum. After doing so, the process has to be able to work consistently in a number of other testing environments. Any experiential therapy program in Kemah, Texas, options we might use have met these criteria and stand as evidence-based processes.

While there’s a wide range of such therapies and sub-therapies, the two evidence-based therapy program in Kemah, Texas, options our therapists focus on are cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy DBT).

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

In the addiction treatment community, there’s an assumption that the driving force behind addiction is either the client’s thought processes or feelings and emotions. Within the science of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in Kemah, the treatment process focuses on the client’s thoughts.

For most people, it’s easy to understand how negative thoughts can turn into negative behaviors. If someone believes the world around them is a mess, it’s very likely they will react to that mess. In the best cases, the individual will make efforts to turn things around and put a positive spin on what’s happening. In the worst cases, the individual might turn to substance abuse as a way of coping with the problem.

The evidence-based therapy, CBT, focuses on teaching the client to recognize how their thoughts are causing their behavior. With all that negativity, they end up turning to drugs or alcohol to mask the pain. The solution the therapist needs to point out is how the client can turn their negative thoughts into positive thoughts by recognizing what’s going on. That should remove some of the client’s desire to self-medicate.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

While CBT focuses on thoughts, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) in TX addresses the client’s feelings and emotions. It’s a complex evidence-based therapy because feelings and emotions find their genesis in a wide range of circumstances. They might come about because of personal tragedies, trauma, or mental disorders.

The therapist needs to focus on getting the client to recognize how their negative feelings and emotions are causing harmful behaviors. By doing so, the client will get the chance to use new coping skills to lessen the impact of what they are feeling. That should lead to a decreased need for the client to mask bad feelings and emotions with drugs or alcohol.

Kemah Palms Recovery®’s Evidence-Based Therapy for Substance Abuse

Through our hard work, we have been able to help a lot of clients find a path to recovery with CBT and DBT. We start by assessing the client’s situation and then choose the treatment methods that seem most logical. Our ability to do that consistently comes as a result of being able to employ so many different treatment options. That list includes family therapy, massage, and yoga therapies, inpatient and outpatient options, and dual diagnosis treatment in TX, a focus on nutrition and exercise, plus some very useful aftercare options.

If you think for a moment your thoughts or feeling might be driving your addiction, the right evidence-based therapy is necessary. Entrust your health with Kemah Palm Recovery, we know where to begin. Start the process by contacting Kemah Palms Recovery® in Kemah, Texas, today. After your call, we can begin working on a recovery plan that returns you back to a normal way of living.