Heroin Rehab Center in Houston

Heroin Rehab Center

Roughly 700,000 Americans use heroin each year, and most of them become addicted to the opioid drug. While getting addicted to heroin is easy, overcoming that addiction is difficult. Before entering a rehab program, those addicted to opiates must first undergo a medically supervised heroin detox program. At Kemah Palms, our comprehensive heroin addiction treatment center provides support from detox, through rehab, and into aftercare. Take a look at what to expect and what addiction treatment options are most effective when combatting a heroin addiction.

Houston Heroin Addiction Treatment Center

Addiction affects everyone differently. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all cure for heroin addiction. Therefore, the best way to begin treatment is with a personal assessment.

Individuals will specify how often they use heroin and how long they have been using the drug. Other helpful information might include a family history of addiction, any health issues, and any mental health concerns. All of this information will go toward creating a customized treatment plan for each unique client.

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What to Expect From Heroin Withdrawal

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Once clients go through an assessment, they are admitted into a medically supervised facility and begin detox. Once individuals enter our Houston detox center, heroin use stops completely. This means that the body goes into withdrawal, and clients will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms.

Most clients will start to experience withdrawal just 12 hours after beginning detox. These symptoms are mild at first, but they can increase in intensity by the 24-hour point. Symptoms tend to peak at 72 hours, and from then on they taper off until they are gone.

Withdrawal is probably the most unpleasant part of heroin addiction treatment. While it can be challenging, medical professionals will always be around to help you through the process. From pharmacological assistance to counseling and nutritional support, there are plenty of ways to reduce discomfort and feel better during withdrawal.

Should You Choose an Inpatient or Outpatient Heroin Treatment Plan?

Detox is just the first step toward lifelong recovery. After withdrawal, clients can choose between inpatient or outpatient rehab care. Both options provide access to a wide range of treatment methods, but there are some fundamental differences.

During residential or inpatient care, clients can expect a 24/7 atmosphere of support. Clients stay in the onsite accommodation and have a schedule for each day. There is around-the-clock accountability, and there are plenty of social activities as well.

Outpatient care is different primarily because clients go home. There is no accommodation in outpatient programs, and most clients live with family members. This is a more flexible program, but it works best for those with a stable, supportive and sober home environment.

Our Program Addresses the Underlying Issues of Heroin Abuse

Heroin addiction treatment should treat the immediate symptoms of drug use, but it should also expose the underlying issues that led to addiction in the first place. These differ from one person to the next, and they are critical to long-term health.

For some, chronic pain leads to a painkiller addiction. For others, undiagnosed mental health can lead to ongoing substance abuse. Trauma and stress management are two more serious contributing factors. Heroin addiction treatment should address and resolve these issues to prevent relapse.

We Provide Ongoing Heroin Addiction Help in South Houston

Heroin addiction treatment starts with a medical drug detox program, continues into rehab, and should lead to aftercare options. After rehab, there is an increased risk of relapse as clients transition back into independent living. Attending an aftercare program is critical for relapse prevention.

Sober living options can be a great place to start. Otherwise, clients should have a plan in place for ongoing support or local group meetings.

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A Holistic Heroin Addiction Recovery Facility

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At Kemah Palms, heroin addiction treatment is both holistic and effective. There is continuity leading from detox all the way to aftercare, and no two clients can expect the same plan for treatment. Recovery is a long-term goal, not just a box that can be checked once heroin use stops.

Along with heroin addiction treatment, we offer a variety of Houston substance abuse treatment programs, including:

  • Alcoholism treatment
  • Drug addiction treatment
  • Opiate addiction treatment
  • Painkiller addiction treatment

Heroin addiction treatment is the best way to fight back against heroin dependency once and for all. Clients can access the resources they need at our heroin addiction treatment center to find independence and sobriety for a lifetime. Call Kemah Palms today at 713-568-1210 to take back control over your life.

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